Greenville News Q&A Raw Interview of Candidate Todd W Frederick County Council District 26
1.    What are the most important issues facing Greenville County right now? How will you address those issues?
              Crime on the rise; taxes on the increase; moral decline; unemployment down from 10% to 6.2% - needs to be lower. We need to put more "police" power into the "Crime Watch" program. The cost to screen and equip a volunteer citizens' patrol unit will average between $300 to $600 per volunteer, compared to $90,000 per new Gv County Deputy hired. Just imagine, this would give the taxpayers 200 more people on "patrol" at just the cost of 1 deputy. Justices need to impose harsher penalties to deter crime, even increasing the rate of executions in the State on "Open and Shut" cases. Reduce wasteful spending in areas of the budget and require the State to reimburse Gv County on monies it owes us, this will cap, or even, reduce the taxes. The laws against vices that are now legal needs to be revisited, such as: sale of alcohol on Sundays, have more pro-family friendly events be welcomed to Gv that will have an appeal to more Godliness and not the current race to decadence. As the crime rate is pushed down and the attractiveness of a moral society, companies will be drawn to Gv County; thus, providing Greenvillians with jobs. Companies relocating or up starting in Gv County will need buildings; therefore, many large tract of land in "The Matrix" will have their property values increase. This in turn will yield more taxes based on the millage rates, without superimposing a 1% county sales tax on consumers in Gv.

2.     Are there unique issues facing voters in your district? How will you address those?
             As mentioned in question one, I will look to implement ways to cost-effective offset crime and increase morality. Statistically, where alcohol and drugs are prevalent, there are higher rates of crime. Churches and programs (e.g. - "Big Brother / Big Sister) that mentor today's tweens and teens need to be utilized to give these young people a sense of belonging and protection. Thus, their "needs" to join one of Greenville's 50 gangs will be reduced.

3.    What are your qualifications for this position? Why should voters choose you?
              I have been a believer in hard work, starting my own business from scratch and surviving the economic downturns of 2001 and 2008. My experience in operating a business and keeping down overhead costs with ordering inventory and supplies, being familiar with the use and sales tax laws, having been through real estate school and studied some accounting at USCS, as well as, taking courses through two Bible colleges can all be beneficiary to my role in helping to govern the business of Greenville County. My fellow District 26 constituents should be confident, especially those having done business with my company: Whiter Than Snow Appliances, that I am a conservative, both fiscally and societally. I have over 20 years of sales and service to the public which includes dealing with occasional differences of opinion that ended amicably and satisfactorily to both parties. I will listen to, consort with and address the District 26 constituents' concerns before the Gv. County Council.

4.    What's the first thing you plan to do when you reach office?
              The first matter of concern I'll address when in office will be to contest the proposed 1% Greenville County Sales Tax and I'll press for the SC Dept. of Revenue to go after "companies" that operate without a Retail License (e.g. - they don't charge SC sales tax) and to impose fines and back taxes they owe.

5.    Please tell us about your personal background (education, profession, family, religious affiliation, etc.)
             My great grandfather (7 generations ago) was Michael Gaffney. At age 19, he fled the tyrannical oppressions of Great Britain over Ireland by sailing to NY in 1797, moved to Charleston in 1800 then, afterwards relocated to the Up Country in 1802 where he founded the town of Gaffney. I was born in York, PA, where my father was from but my mother was from Spartanburg. When I was 16 months old, my family relocated back to Spartanburg where I came up through District 7 public schools; graduating from Spartanburg High School in 1984, attended USCS briefly (withdrew passing) deciding on a career with Flowers Industries. I worked with Flowers from 1984 until 1994, working the night shift. In 1994, during the daytime, I became a Realtor, started up Whiter Than Snow Appliances and changed jobs to the BI-LO warehouse. On July 19th, 1995, I went full-time with my own company: Whiter Than Snow Appliances. My parents are Dennis and (the late) Sylvia Frederick. I have been married to Heather Lining Frederick for nearly 25 years and have one daughter. I am a member of Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley. And, I have a long time supporter of Home and Foreign Missions, as well as, a supporter of "Hope Givers International Children's Orphanages" in India since 1998. I have studied about 2 years of theology, via correspondence, at Victory Bible College in TN and Bethany Bible College in Dothan, AL. I have been past president of the Piedmont Republican Precinct and a past delegate to the SC State Republican Convention. I believe in a limited role in government which must adhere to the U.S. Constitution as originally written (though some amendments were essential: e.g. - civil rights) while not letting the Federal level overreach State's rights. Also, I believe in charging every citizen a reasonable tax rate that must be used in a modest manner. If I could trust the federal and state governments to not continue to tax and spend in an out of control way then I would thoroughly support a federal and state sales tax to replace the current method of income taxation. This tax method would cause even the tax dodgers and illegal immigrates to all be contributors to the governments' budgets; thus, eliminating the budget deficits. I have never been a Democrat.

This message has been approved by Todd W. Frederick, Candidate for Greenville County Council District 26                         [4-12-14]