In the Greenville Journal, Dated 5-29-14, "Lynn Ballard cites his experience with... the Greenville Chamber of Commerce as experience that would benefit him as a councilman." This may sound helpful but is it?

This is what conservatives, like Mark Levin, have to say about it: *"Most of us are aware of the actions of the Chamber of Commerce, or the “Chamber of Crony Capitalism” as Mark Levin calls them. Rather than supporting free markets, the Chamber promotes policies which help big business. There is a difference between the two. Pro-big business can mean supporting more regulations, tariffs, bailouts, subsidies, and a loose monetary policy."

Another comment about the "Chamber of Commerce" - "I think we can all agree on the national Chamber of Commerce. In a primary, in nearly 99% of the races, if the CoC is backing one candidate, Conservatives should by this time have learned to instinctively back any of the others.
The facts demonstrate that the CoC is no longer the same reputable organization of our parents' time. It is now completely dominated by and serves the interests of mega, multi-national corporations, many not even based in the USA. Even those nominally American often times have limited connections to America or American citizens. A former CEO of Ford infamously stated at a yearly stockholders meeting that Ford was an international company with no particular allegiance to America.
Without the undue pervasive influence of the CoC Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and other Big Business acolytes could not continue to push for amnesty and mass immigration as much as they do.
The CoC is the enemy of Conservatism, the American worker, small business owners and real free enterprise. It is a cabal of crony capitalists and the prime lobbyist for corporate welfare."
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**Levin said:"We need to shake up that place like it's never been shaken before. And the problem with groups like the United States Chamber of Commerce is they're not conservative, they're about business. They're not about capitalism, they're about cronyism. The reason there is a United States Chamber of Commerce is so they can get Congress to cut deals for them, or the White House to cut deals for them, or the bureaucracy to cut deals for them. That's what they're there for."
"They're part of the problem. The idea that big companies are necessarily conservative is absurd. Who do you think funds the left? Who do you think funds the Democrat Party? Or, all their little organizations? Big businesses do. Corporatists do. They're trying to buy favors. That's what they do. So, you have to be discerning. There are some good businesses and there's some bad businesses. Just like there's some good people and some bad people. Some good politicians and some bad politicians."
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Therefore, if the Chamber of Commerce" is where Mr. Ballard will get his marching order from then Greenville County Council District 26 will not be getting a small business friendly councilman but you will be IF you Vote for "Todd Frederick" on June 24th, 2014.

Tell a Friend & Vote "TODD FREDERICK" on JUNE 24th in the Greenville County County District 26 Runoff!