Greenville County Council District 26 Election Results

The April 29th, 2014 Special Election to fill the seat of Greenville County Council District 26 had an embarrassingly low voter turnout; 2.84% to be precise. On 4-30-14, a voter from Fork Shoals precinct contacted Candidate Todd Frederick, whom she voted for, and expressed her anger about the redistricting that took place place in 2012. She said "I'm sure the low voter turnout was a result of the voters having been used to voting in District 28 and they didn't know to vote in District 26." She continued to say that had it not been for a call in to WYRD 106.3 by candidate Todd Frederick and his recent campaign ads on 106.3 FM then she would not have been aware of the Special Election. She further stated that she had been notified recently about her precinct being combined with the Pineview precinct but Pineview precinct voters weren't reminded by the Elections Office of their being in District 26, nor of the Special Election. She said Fork Shoals had "80 voters and Pineview had only 3 voters to turnout to vote."

Other former District 28 voters, now being District 26, had similar results. Todd Frederick checked with Christ Community Church polling place and found they had 25 votes by the end of the day. Rocky Creek Baptist polling place was even worse, reporting only 10 voters coming out. Mr. Frederick asked a poll worker at the Rocky Creek location what was the expected turnout and he was told there were 1,300 potential voters amongst the 2 combined precincts voting there. Todd Frederick also discovered that the Piedmont precinct had only 73 voters come out to vote on April 29th, 2014, even though the weather was overcast and not raining at all.

Here's a list of where you will need to go to vote in your Precinct in the Special Election Runoff for the Greenville County Council District 26 (some of which, as previously said, was District 28) . . .

Areas now in District 26 includes: Neely Farms, Pineview,
Dunklin, Raintree, Fountain Inn, Ware Place, Moore Creek,
Verdmont, Simpsonville 2, 4, 6, Long Creek, Woodmont,
Donaldson, Grove, Piedmont, Mt. Pleasant, Baker Creek,
Reedy Fork and Fork Shoals.

Here's the results of the uncertified Special Elections, courtesy

What is next after the Special Elections for
District 26?

Ballard is heading into a runoff election, perhaps against Todd
Frederick but perhaps not. There's but 1 vote between Frederick
and E. Poore; thus, requiring a recount. This recount is to be done
at the Greenville County Election Office on Thursday, May 1st at
noon. This will certify the votes.
Ballard received the large bump in the election results (48.87%)
apparently due to an endorsement, given by a landscaper in
Southern Greenville County on April 22nd. Moreover, regarding
Ballard, Todd Frederick was surprised ithat he received 48.87%
in the polls, considering Ballard has no experience in the business
world, just having retired from being a "rural postal carrier."

Ballard stated in a debate in early April, that he was "looking
for something to do... to serve his community." Mr. Frederick
interpreted Mr. Ballard's statement of wanting to come out of
retirement as he was job hunting: "Hey, why not bcaome the
Councilman, this government position will get me on the tax
-payers' payroll again. Mr. Frederick thinks: "Do we want
someone to be running the Business of Greenville County
whose former employer (USPS), narrowly avoiding
bankruptcy, having had many taxpayer "bailouts", being
unionized, losing $5billion in 2013 alone? And, the USPS
is overall subsidized by the U.S. taxpayers. No wonder Lynn
Ballard is for the 1% Greenville County Sales Tax going onto
a referendum vote and for the Swamp Rabbit Trail's expansion
which will cost taxpayers $200,000 per mile. Mr. Ballard's
former employer is a Tax and Spend waster... we can expect
no less from Ballard!

Here's something to consider with the June 10th, 2014 Primary and possible June 24th runoff... if those who voted for Todd Frederick in this primary would go to and write an opinion, endorsing Todd Frederick for Gv Cnty Council 26, then you can expect he will win the June 10th Primary - for the next 4 yr. term).

The only hope in keeping a majority of fiscal conservatives on the Greenville County Council is to ELECT TODD W. FREDERICK. To Vote for anyone else is a vote to have your taxes raised and wasted!

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  Greenville County District 26 is a "Swing Vote" so vote Todd Frederick to ensure a "NO" vote for increased taxation... because we can't afford a RINO!"
~ Todd W. Frederick
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