In the political debate Monday Night, April 14th 2014, there was so much that could have been said and only 2 minutes per question. The time at the end when candidates were to ask each other questions in front of the audience was when I was going to ask which way did each of the candidates vote in the past 2 election cycles. This would have smoked Poore out of his "spider hole."

I wanted also to ask candidate Dyer what he meant by his statement: "...we should carefully consider this tax..." and why Ballard also told the group "Yes... any such tax increase should be as a result of a referendum voted on by the people..." [a 1% sales tax hike that would also fund projects, such as <u>bike trails</u> and sidewalks]. Yet, Dyer and Ballard both raised their hands at the debate indicating they would vote "NO" to the 1% sales tax; in from of a non sale tax crowd?

Also, I wanted to ask: Lynn Ballard, Why would you vote "Yes" to a referendum which would mean you would not do the same thing as Dan Rawls did, who voted "NO" to the question altogether about the 1% tax hike? see my website for this and other such discrepancies in the candidates' Q&A's, and go to:

Southern Greenville County's biggest angst is the high crime. They wanted a candidate to tell them how they could get a $30million funding passed to get 30 more deputies for the county, in which only 3 would be going to District 26. Each of the officers would cost $90K per year (including the patrol car, ammunition, salary, etc.) So I ( Todd Frederick) asked the crowd: 'What would you say if I could get you 200 policeman for just $90K?' The crowd looked surprised and waited for my reply. And I told them 'that in states, such as; TX, CA, FL and NY, these all have programs in place (FL since 1957) that uses volunteer police. They are called "auxiliary police" and sometimes called "citizens' patrol." These are the "eyes and ears" for the police and that while under the direct supervision of a policeman (either in person or via police radio), they were permitted to arrest people who sre conducting themselves in criminal activities. These AP or CP's have the legal ability to be armed and to carry handcuffs, while on their volunteer shift.'

I say we need be on the offense and to implement this tested and proven program immediately. One man afterwards told me he had never heard of that idea and he liked it. He said he drives around some 100 miles per day in Southern Greenville County already on his own crime watch patrol and gets no compensation.

"VOTE for Todd W. Frederick" on June 10th, 2014 for Greenville County Council District 26. And Vote Again for Todd Frederick June 24th, 2014 - If it goes into a Runoff....
Thank you!

  Quotes from others about Todd W. Frederick for County Council Dist. 26

    Chief Editor to the Times Examiner- Bob Dill: "I've known Todd and his conservative stand. He's the Real Deal!"

    Vice-Chairman Gv County Council- Willis Meadows: "We need more conservative people on the Council like you [Todd]."                                          (via a ph. conversation w/ him.)

    Editor of the Greenville Post- Joshua Cook: "Very important to go to this. I believe Todd Frederick is the only candidate that opposes the tax hike."

Just to name a few . . .