1) Why did you decide to run?                                                                                                           May 8th, 2014
I, Todd W. Frederick, decided to enter the race to replace my friend Dan Rawls because I believe we stood for the same conservative principles that Reagan Republicans have stood for as core planks in the GOP's platform. In the June 18th, 2013, Dan Rawls voted against [an] “adoption [of] a resolution for the purpose of dissolving the Greenville County Recreation District and accepting the District’s transfer of its assets and liabilities to the County of Greenville, South Carolina.” This type of decision by a majority of fiscal conservatives would have saved the cities of Greenville, Greer, Mauldin and Simpsonville some $2.6 million. As a businessman for over 20 years and a fiscal conservative, I, thus, saw the need for my entering into this race for Greenville County Council District 26 seat. Greenvillians are being taxed enough and are fed up with it having no end in sight with the current tax and spend councilmen in position now. Lynn Ballard in a March 2014 interview with Bike Walk Greenville Organization stated he is for the expansion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail which will cost taxpayers $600,000 plus future maintenance and policing costs. Mr. Ballard, also, affirmed that he is for the 1% Greenville County Sales Tax going before the voters on a November 4th referendum. Todd Frederick is against both stating that these measures will hurt both small businesses and consumers.

2.) What is your vision for the future of Greenville? 
I, Todd Frederick, rather than to increase taxes on the people of Greenville County, would desire to see larger businesses wanting to locate their operations in Greenville County because it is a fiscally conservative county. The tax monies derived from the increased values of the land and (the new) buildings will bring in more taxes, naturally so, based on their new appraisals and millage rates. The cost of doing business in Greenville will be able to offset any new taxes placed on the consumers and property owners. Regarding the crime issues in Greenville, Todd Frederick has a proven plan to combat the rise of crime in Greenville County without raising taxes. I have seen this plan implemented in 4 different states (TX, FL, NY and CA) which has a combined savings for the taxpayers of over $1 billion. This plan puts law makers on the offense by utilizing “auxiliary police” or, sometimes called “citizens’ patrol.” These APs or CPs are a group of volunteer “police” who have been carefully screened and having undergone the necessary criminal justice credit hours of study. These volunteers have to devote about 4 hours per week to be the “eyes and ears” of the sheriff’s department. These can lawfully carry weapons, handcuffs and make arrests while working under the authority of a police supervisor’s either: physical presence or by radio when the need arises due to criminal activity witnessed by the AP. New York City reports of using over 4,500 auxiliary police, who can: “… use physical and deadly force to make an arrest, or when a person uses physical or deadly force against an officer or a third person in accordance with the NYPD Auxiliary training manual.”

3.) What makes you uniquely qualified for the position you are seeking to fill?
I, Todd Frederick, see myself as being uniquely qualified for the position of Greenville County Councilman for numerous reasons, some of which include: having had experience as a Realtor and a business owner for over 20 years. I, Todd Frederick, have been the business owner of Whiter Than Snow Appliances, and have had firsthand experience in operating a business [unlike my opponent(s)]. My business has survived the 1994 and 2001 recessions and, recently, the 2008 Great Recession. With my innovative cost savings skills, I have kept my company’s sales numbers steadily increasing by some 50% since 2006. In economic desperate and sound times, Greenville County Council needs to serve its constituents with the same wise fiscally savvy measures as I have demonstrated through my family appliance service and sales business, all the while keeping a high rate of customer satisfaction. My business has enjoyed the ability to have new and refurbished major appliances and parts sold and delivered both nationally, into the lower 48 states, and internationally, into Singapore, Honduras and Ghana (West Africa). A candidate for this position of governing the business of Greenville County is at a great disadvantage by not having been involved in owning and operating his own business. I have a track record, too, of standing up for pro-family values, both in Greenville, Spartanburg (SC) and Mecklenburg County (NC). Everyone is invited to do a search engine to find out this proven track record of which I speak. I have also been past President of the Piedmont Precinct and a State Delegate to the SC GOP Convention.

Go to my campaign website: http://twf4cc26.com for more information.
And don't forget to vote on June 10th, 2014 for Todd Frederick - Greenville County Council District 26 and June 24th if it goes into a runoff.
Thank you!

Todd W. Frederick

Dark Green = District 26, Gv Cnty
  Please vote for Todd W. Frederick on June 10th & 24th (if there's a runoff), 2014 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. if you live in one of the following precincts: (some formerly Districts 27 & 28) or know of some families who do.
  Precincts including:  Neely Farms, Pine View, Dunklin, Raintree, Fountain Inn 1, Wareplace, Moore Creek, Verdmont, Simpsonville (2,4, and 6), Long Creek, Woodmont, Donaldson, Grove, Fork Shoals, Piedmont, Mount Pleasant, Baker Creek, and Reedy Fork.