Todd W. Frederick: a Christian / Fiscal Conservative voice on the Greenville County Council District 26

    Todd W. Frederick is the man to vote for in the
    Primary Election(s) Dates, for the 4 year term:
    June 10, 2014 & June 24th (in case of a runoff)
The following is a word from our District 26
County Council Candidate Todd W Frederick:

    "This is what politicians are to do… represent the needs of the
people that elected them. I say: ‘Legislation without representation
brings about devastation.’ If the gangs in Greenville County can be
understanding the value of coming together with singleness of
mind with a leader who governs them in lawlessness and holding up
innocent citizens then by all means those of us in Greenville District
26 can do no less [by pushing for the upholding of the law.]

    You all can familiarize yourselves with what type of character
that I’ve portrayed since coming to Piedmont in 1994 and operating
our business “Whiter Than Snow Appliances.” Just google “Whiter
Than Snow Appliances reviews” then ask a neighbor, co-worker
or relative about this business that I own. I am unapologetically a
believer in Christ, the 1st and 2nd Amendments and a member at
Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley. I believe in a limited gov't
and low taxation for essentials, not rabbit trails.

Together, we will make South Greenville
County a better place to work and live.

Todd W Frederick

p.s. – You all can help me campaign by requesting
     to "friend" me and to "follow me on Facebook.
     *Campaign contributions are also welcome.

Areas now in District 26 includes: Neely Farms, Pineview, Dunklin,
Raintree, Fountain Inn, Ware Place, Moore Creek, Verdmont,
Simpsonville 2, 4, 6, Long Creek, Woodmont, Donaldson, Grove,
Piedmont, Mt. Pleasant, Baker Creek, Reedy Fork and Fork Shoals.