Whiter Than Snow Appliances' owner Todd W. Frederick is running for Greenville County Council District 26 seat. ... on the ballot for Greenville County Council District 26 seat. Todd W. Frederick is a Republlcan, ChristiaConservative.  NO Sales Tax increase for Greenville County, SC! Eliminate wasteful spending, Beefing up the security of District 26, Zero tolerance policy for thieves. Criminals beware! Todd W Frederick is an Advocate for SC Laws: Stand your Ground and Castle Domain. 2nd Amendment Rights for Law Abiding Citizens.
  Ever Feel Like You're Getting Beaten Up        by Your Elected Officials? Then Vote
      for Todd W. Frederick; He'll Watch 
            Your Back and Back Pocket!
"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:
  but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."
~  Proverbs 29:2 - KJV
NOTICE --> http://www.greenvilleonline.com/article/20140321/NEWS/303210026?odyssey=mod%7Cmostcom  This article gives in writing a brief interview that Rudolph Bell had with Greenville County Council District 26 Candidate Todd W. Frederick... Click & Read
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< - - - -  Typical Democrat
            and/or RINO !
      Windell Rodgers should be asked the
     question: "Why did you have to leave
     working at the USPS?"
The real answer will shock and disgust you!
Here's a recent quote from Marshall Culpepper:
"Just doing my part to help Greenville County residents escape the largest tax hike in County history! If it isn't stopped, it will almost certainly spread across the upstate! Anderson, Greenwood, Abbeville... can you afford not to be in this fight too? It's not just their fight, it's a fight to stand up for all of South Carolina's taxpayers!"
No Tax Hike SC - Greenville, SC

And Todd W. Frederick's reply....

    'That's my exact sentiments. Greenville is (supposedly) the fiscal conservative Mecca but one by one the liberal candidates are winning. The other counties will follow suit after the folly of the "Tax and Spend" Liberals gaining prominence on Gv Cnty Council (and it looks like District 26 is marching toward this cliff as well.)
    Like it or not, the better "Republican" to vote for on June 24th, 2014 is Todd Frederick.
    My opponent, Lynn, has desires make changes, such as: "... address the high crime, put in more sewer lines and plans for future growth..." He has no solutions as to how to accomplished these goals without requiring more taxation. He's also a "Chamber of Commerce Crony."
    The only "future growth" Lynn is referring to will be growing the size of the Greenville County Budget and the tremendous tax increases that we will experience should he be confirmed as Dan's successor. Otherwise, HOW can Lynn accomplish these goals without voting to raise taxes? Chances are that Lynn will be a "Do Nothing" politician in office for the people and businesses in Greenville County's District 26 regarding the having better fire and police protection; as well as, having the roadside right-a-ways' grass cut.
    (The summer of 2015 proved that *Lynn Ballard is being just another "Do Nothing" paycheck earning politician; being evidenced by the 4 foot high grass growing along the county roads. By July and August, this uncut grass had prevented people in District 26 from being able to walk beside the road; thus, jeopardizing their lives by having to walk in the roadways!)

   *Note - Lynn Ballard is here presenting Windell Rodgers, his former Democratic opponent for the council seat, before he gives the "invocation" at the Oct. 20th 2015 opening of the Greenville County Council meeting. What? It's a shame that this man Windell Rodgers is called upon to pray. Can someone please call on Windell Rodgers and ask him how he had gotten dismissed from the USPS? (Here's a hint: it has to do with women in the work force.)
And this guy is now a reverend? 

    Todd W. Frederick: A Proven   
  Businessman & Trusted Leader

   Greenville Vice-Chair for the Gville GOP: Nate Leupp & his cronies can only back the "Establishment Republicans." Nate is even supporting Lindsey Graham for 2016 Presidential nominee?! ... Give us a break!

      Gville GOP Chairman Chad Groover even helped Nate Leupp in sending emails and ran phone banks at the Gville GOP headquarters in campaigning against Conservative Republican Todd W Frederick's 2014 run for the office of County Councilman.They opted to support Lynn Ballard, a retired postal carrier, who worked 19 years for the USPS.  The USPS is unionized and has been a financial failure. Having been exposed to this type of wasteful and wreckless spending, what else shall we expect from Lynn Ballard? Lynn will be 1 vote out of 12 votes on the business matters of Greenville County. Let's hope his vote won't help carry a majority in adding more pork (parks) into the Gv County budgets. 

Update: 4 1/2 years is a long time to live with the fallout since you all voted for the wrong "Republican" thanks to the "Good Ol Boys" Chad and Nate. So much for GOP officials making sure a campaign is ran based on whether the candidates' own efforts resulted in a fair and unbiased influence upon the District 26 voters. 

    (These sorry GOP officials in Greenville County have shown they have no shame in flaunting their held positions to persuade voters. Ordinarily, it would have cost thousands of dollars more had these G.O.B.s' candidate ran and paid for his own campaign out of his own pocket, such as I did!)

btw- The only real fiscal conservative Republican candidate you should have voted for was Todd Frederick on June 24th, 2014. But District 26 will have another  chance to make a better majority vote in 2018.... Shalom!
Here's an exerpt from the Oct 20th 2015 Greenville County Council Minutes:

Project Blue Sky / Inducement and Millage Rate Agreement
Councilor Kirven moved for adoption a resolution authorizing an inducement and millage rate agreement between Greenville County, South Carolina and Project Blue Sky relating to the County's execution and delivery of a fee in lieu of tax agreement and an infrastructure improvement credit related to the fees in lieu of taxes thereunder pursuant to Title 12, Chapter 44, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as amended, and the placement of certain properties in a multi-county industrial/business development park established by the county.
Councilor Burns moved to refer the item back to the Finance Committee as the language used in the resolution and the inducement agreement did not provide callback provisions. He felt there needed to be ongoing discussions on how the County would handle that.
Councilor Payne asked if a delay would create problems and impede the progress of the project.
Councilor Burns stated he was not aware of any problems a delay would cause.
Councilor Payne asked if the Finance Committee had sent the item forward.
Greenville County Council
October 20, 2015
Page 4 of 13
Councilor Kirven confirmed the Finance Committee had sent the item forward.
Motion to return the item to the Finance Committee was approved by roll call vote of eight (Dill, Baldwin, Meadows, Cates, Burns, Norris, Seman, and Gibson) in favor and four (Taylor, Ballard, Kirven, and Payne) in opposition.

[Term "fees in lieu of taxes" (a.k.a. - PILOT) simply means "[When] an incentive for investment in taxable infrastructure or other facilities that creates a public benefit, a PILOT may be negotiated to limit or defer the property taxes on a developer, striking a balance between public and private economic needs. In effect, the local taxpayers are subsidizing the development, which might otherwise have gone elsewhere." --  Note: Lynn Ballard voted AGAINST this PILOT from going back to the Finance Committee. In other words, Lynn Ballard's vote proved he was willing to move this business matter forward, ultimately producing a situation whereby "the local taxpayers [will be] subsidizing the development."]

    Did I not forewarn voters that Lynn Ballard was a "Chamber of Commerce Crony?" But the voters listened to Nate Leupp who had, in Nate's own words, "vetted Lynn Ballard" on where he stood on issues. But this same Nate never once "vetted" me, though he did hear me give a campaign speech at the "RINO Hunt" meeting at Denny's in late March of 2014; thus being proved that I was the more conservative choice for Greenville County's District 26.

Shalom, ~Todd W Frederick